Who Is Haslinda Ali?

HASLINDA Ali is a television personality in the 1990s and now an influencer in her community in Singapore. Known for her business acumen , her media skills and now running a fitness company FitFab . She is known for her simple classy style and her close bonding with her 3 daughters known as the 3Qs. She is also known as "moi" nowadays due to viral dad jokes video with her husband Sujimy mohd , an social media icon and content creator.

HASLINDA decides to launch her own website on fashion, beauty and skin as she ages gracefully. Looking fabulous to her is being comfortable in your skin and radiating in confidence and simplicity. The simpler the better . The more natural the better. That has always been her beauty and fashion tricks . In this website , you will find things that are classically fabulous that HASLINDA and her 3 daughters use as part of being fashionably functional yet on point. HASLINDA is a fuss free person who chooses practicality over trend sometimes. One doesn't have to be a fashion slave to be fashionable at any age !